What is Probate? Probate is a pretty long and complicated court process.


If your assets are not in a trust, your estate will most likely be required


If you are the Administrator or Executor of an Estate, or the Trustee of a Trust

Trust Administration

First Example The last of the original trustees has passed away and you are

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Kevin Rice of Orange County (California) Probate
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Kevin Rice of Orange County (California) Probate

Kevin Rice is the principal attorney for Orange County, a probate-focused law firm.
Kevin is a native of Southern California, he was born and raised in the City
of Orange, California.

After having attended public schools including Orange High School and Cal. State
University Fullerton, he attended and graduated from the private Western State
University, College of Law twenty-five years ago. While there, Kevin earned the AmericanJuris Prudence Award in Wills.

Kevin took the California Bar Examination in February of 1994. He received news of his
passage of the three day exam and was sworn into practice by Judge Michael Brenner
in early June of 1994. Kevin now practices Probate law in the counties of Orange, Los
Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego.

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“Kevin is a great choice for an attorney for your Living Trust. I just finished my Living Trust with Mr. Rice and I was very satisfied with the whole process. As to my understand Kevin Rice has done Living Trust for a long time and that experience shows up. His practice is focused on doing Living Trust. This is a private practice composed of Keven and a paralegal. I found it very personable and friendly.”

Bill R.Cypress, CA

Mr. Rice was recommended by a friend. He reviewed our trust and updated the documents. He did a great job at value pricing. He is friendly and explains everything in simple language.

Bob N. Covina, CA

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Probate is the category for many different legal proceedings but mostly regarding the administration and distribution of the estate of a deceased person (or “decedent”) whether they had a Will or not. It is administered under the jurisdiction of the local County Probate Court.

I need some Estate
Planning done

Estate planning arranges for the distribution and administration of an estate during a person’s life. It also includes property and health care decisions. Estate planning typically attempts to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of probate and maximize the value of the estate by eliminating probate court expenses and limiting taxation.

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Probate Terminology

You may want to know some of the following Probate words and phrases.

What is an A/B Trust?

A trust set up to preserve a portion of the trust property/assets for certain beneficiaries, while keeping the other portion available for the support of the surviving Settlor. This type of trust requires actions by the Trustee after the first death of a Settlor.

What is an Estate Administrator?

A person, or financial institution, appointed by the court to oversee an estate where there is no will. The Administrator is also commonly referred to as the Personal Representative.

What is a Codicil to a will?

A document which legally changes a will through supplement or amendment.

What is a Decedent?

A person who has passed a way.

What is a Beneficiary?

A person who inherits property because he or she is named in a will or trust.

What is a Probate Bond?

An insurance policy that, unless waived by a Will or Trust (and agreed to by the judge in the case of a Will), is required by the courts. The amount of the bond is determined by the type of authority sought by the Petitioner and the value of the property that is estimated to exist in the estate. Larger bonds require a good credit rating.

Court Supervision

The Probate Division of the Superior Court supervises the probate procedure, but they do so according to their rules and definitions. For example, most actions by the Estate Personal Representative are only reviewed by the court at the end of the process, upon the filing of the Report, Account, and Petition for Final Distribution.

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